Tea with a Titan, Episode 12: Lynn Kanuka, Two-time Olympic Runner

Tea with a Titan, episode 12, Lynn Kanuka, Two-time Olympic Runner

Guest Titan: Lynn Kanuka, Two-time Olympic Runner.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Divine Goddess

What we cover: In 1984, as a 12-year-old girl, I watched the Los Angeles Olympic Games in Avondale, Newfoundland, with my uncle Heath MacDonald. Sadly, he would die one year later. In 2009, I had the extreme good fortune of being part of the marketing team of one of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games’ media sponsors. In that capacity, our goal was to create a language around the games. When we talked, as a group, about what the Olympics meant to us, I shared the memory of me and my uncle in 1984. But of all the events that held us most riveted that summer, I shared, it was the women’s 3000 metre race that most captured us. In this episode, I chat with the bronze medal winner of that event, and what it was like for her to have to quickly regain focus immediately after Mary Decker’s famous fall, and the controversy that would ensue. Two-time Olympian, Lynn Kanuka (and her awesome dog, Mogley) join me for tea, a lot of laughs, what it takes to defeat the negative voices in our heads — and by the end of our chat, the dog was wearing her medal.

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