Rodos Kouzina Mediterranean Grille

  • Magazine: TheBlock
  • Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2
Rodos Kouzina Mediterranean Grille

Maybe I’m a sucker for a man who calls me “beautiful”. Maybe I’ve rented Shirley Valentine too many times. Maybe Michael Savvis just knows how to run a restaurant. My guess is it’s a little of the first two and a lot of the last that makes a trip to Rodos Kouzina an absolute must.

Restaurateur Michael Savvis came to Canada at age 17 knowing almost no English, and climbed the ranks of the restaurant business quite unintentionally. “It just came naturally to me,” he laughs. “I went from bus boy to waiter to maitre d’, to eventually running my own restaurants.” His menu quotes a Harvard study declaring the Greek diet the secret to a long, healthy life, which, if you watch him dance between tables, chatting animatedly and topping up glasses, you wouldn’t dispute.

Countless photos of the Savvis family on the island of Rhodes give the restaurant that shrine-of-one’s-life feel. Mouthwatering Mediterranean fare may be on the menu, but love, stories, and pride are on Michael’s walls. Every mural of the startlingly blue Aegean Sea convinces that you have transcended geography when you step through the doorway.

My date and I were sated on caper cream and dill salmon, chicken souvlaki, and enough baklava to make us feel like “before” pictures in a weight loss ad. But then Michael came over and assured me I was “beautiful”, my boyfriend was “beautiful”, and as a couple we were “beautiful”. And, like the incredible food he serves, I ate it up. (After all, compliments are hard to come by today, so consume them like ouzo shooters while you can.)

All in all, it was, as far as Friday nights go, well, beautiful.

Rodos Kouzina Mediterranean Grille
221 Ioco Road, Port Moody, 604-469-1150