• Designer: Sue Lee
  • Writer: Mary-Jo Dionne

’zaw: artisan pizza in the raw
’zaw: artisan pizza in the raw

’zaw: social
Social — Brussels sprouts were not made for sharing. (As much as you might want to reduce the number of them on your plate, they are — unfortunately — all yours.) A peanut butter sandwich, again, is typically meant for one. And we’d venture to guess the words “The game’s about to start! Who’s going to order the parsnips?” have never been spoken.

But a quality pizza prepared just for you, on the other hand? An inviting circle that embodies the intimacy of a great night shared with just the right company – in every single hot-from-your-own-oven-or-barbecue bite. Now that’s a memorable evening’s focal point. And that is meant for sharing.

’zaw: delicious
Delicious — We apologize in advance: However, this is one brand characteristic where there simply are no words. And it’s not as if we’re wimping out because we just don’t have the ability to string together a flowery sentence robust with tantalizing vernacular intended to conjure every delectable taste of every gorgeous ingredient. It’s just that when we say there simply are no words to describe the deliciousness of every handcrafted artisan pizza, it’s because there simply are no words to describe the deliciousness of every handcrafted artisan pizza.

So “delicious” will just have to do.

’zaw: catgeory
Our category (and the re-creation thereof!) — Different-new. Different-new.

When we bump into a friend we haven’t seen in a while, and they say: “Hey, what’ve you been up to?” the last words you’ll ever hear us utter is: “Oh, you know. Same-old, same-old.” In fact, if we could, we’d say: “Oh, you know. Different-new. Different-new.” — except that’s not really how people tend to talk.
’zaw is anything but same-old-same-old. In fact, we’d venture to say that ’zaw has the power to knock an industry on its collective ear. (If you didn’t know before that the take-out/order-in industry had an ear, you do now.) Because ’zaw isn’t about just quickly filling a void when your tummy is empty, ’zaw is an attitude expressed by the detail. Details like the freshest ingredients used on made-to-order, handcrafted selections – picked-up in-store or delivered to your home by way of the enviro-friendly zippy ’zaw scooter. And light and lovely libations, like local wines and organic microbrews. (Yes, we’ll gladly deliver those as well.)

Baked in your own oven — or, get this, your own barbecue (how perfect is that for summer dining?!) — you get all the benefits of the authentic pizza experience, complete with that unparalleled aroma of great anticipation.

A piping hot ’zaw pairs well with Louis Armstrong, a crackling fire (indoors or out!), and good company.
Now, does that sound like take-out/order-in to you? (Oh, we know. Different-new. Different-new.)

’zaw: motto
Our motto — We are really great people serving really great food to really great people.

’zaw: voice
Our voice — You can tell a lot about a person from the way they speak. And the same goes for a brand. There are quiet talkers. Close talkers. Low talkers. Fast talkers. And shruggers — the ones that really don’t say anything at all.

The ’zaw voice is real. It’s not corporate and fluorescent-lit. It’s confident without being arrogant. It’s casual without being unprofessional. It’s adult. (There will be no “C’mon down. There will be balloons for the kids!” claims.) It’s smart in a not-looking-to-appease-the-lowest-common-denominator type way. It doesn’t shout, because it doesn’t have to: People like listening because it’s got something to say. It’s that respected orator who can address the masses, yet somehow make each person feel like they share some kind of special one-on-one connection.

It’s never run-of-the-mill.

Quite simply: It’s always very ’zaw.

’zaw: logo
Our logo — When it comes to the uniqueness of a logo, like snowflakes and fingerprints and American Idol contestants, no two are ever the same.

Some sway. Some swoop. Some swoosh. Some are ziggy. Some are zaggy. Some are zoggy. (We just made that word up.) Some are round and plump. Some are thick and juicy. Some are tall and lean. Some are thin and twiggy.

Here’s a look at ours. We think it’s pretty ’zawy.