Tea with a Titan, Episode 8: Anthony Lemke, Actor, humanitarian

Tea with a Titan, episode 8, Anthony Lemke, Actor, humanitarian

Guest Titan: Anthony Lemke, Actor, humanitarian.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Amaretto Allure

What we cover: As a sucker for the concept of re-invention, I’m more than a little bit ga-ga over all that Anothony Lemke represents. Today part of the dynamic ensemble cast of SyFy Channel’s hit series Dark Matter, Anthony left the promise of a successful career as a lawyer in one of Canada’s top corporate law firms in order to leave no stone unturned as it pertained to acting. And it’s paid off. While fans (and there are a lot of them) can catch season two of Dark Matter on Space TV, binge-watchers (and there are a lot of them) can catch season one on Netflix. (Season one was Space TV’s most watched new series, as a little FYI.) Anthony’s prolific career in television includes the role of Sergeant Brian Becker in CTV’s The Listener, as well as a two-season arc in Bravo’s award-winning crime drama 19-2. We talk bunkies (see image on Twitter, no less), 1990s big hair (see image on Twitter, no less), and doing what we can to extend awareness and kindness where it’s most needed on the planet right now — and for Anthony, that ties in nicely with his role as vocal ambassador of Nobel Prize-winning organization, Handicap International.

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