Tea with a Titan, Episode 7: Matt Hill, actor, speaker, runner — inspiring awesomeness around the planet

Tea with a Titan, episode 7, Matt Hill, actor, speaker, runner — inspiring awesomeness around the planet

Guest Titan: Matt Hill, actor, speaker, runner — inspiring awesomeness around the planet.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Organic Bombay Chai

What we cover: In 2006, on an otherwise uneventful flight, actor Matt Hill (Ninja Turtles, Shanghai Knights, Dreamworks’ Dinotrux) was hit with a Big Idea, what he calls his “divine download”. That idea? To run from his home in Vancouver and complete one full loop of North America, by committing to a marathon a day for more than a year. And he did it, too. The 11,000-mile journey, called the Run for One Planet Tour, saw Matt and a friend connect with more than 50,000 students continent-wide, with a goal of inspiring positive environmental action. Most recently, he has been recognized with the Governor General’s Meritorious Award, given to Canadians who bring honour to this country. (And he certainly does that.) We talk Terry Fox, Jackie Chan, and turning adversity into triumph. Hands down, the most positive person I’ve ever met, he confesses – spoiler alert – his commitment to remaining passionate and to living a great life is a decision he made, and not something he was simply born with. A much-loved voice actor with an impressive array of credits to his name – Care Bears, My Little Pony, Kate and Mim-Mim – and sought-after speaker and emcee, Matt is, in a word, unstoppable.

How you can learn more:

  • Web: matt-hill.com
  • Facebook: Matt Hill
  • Twitter: @matthillinspire
  • Environmental Action Challenge (Just pick one!):
    • Eat local and organic
    • Turn off your car
    • Eliminate plastic bags
    • Use green cleaners
    • Turn off your lights
    • Turn off the taps
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle
    • Compost
    • Bring your own bottle
    • Teach your children well
  • Tea supplier: Vancouver’s Steam Tea House

What book do we recommend you download for free? Right here, right now? Anything about running. Just go for it!

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