Tea with a Titan, Episode 5: Mercedes Nicoll, Three-time Olympic snowboarder

Tea with a Titan, episode 5, Mercedes Nicoll, Three-time Olympic snowboarder

Guest Titan: Mercedes Nicoll, Three-time Olympic snowboarder.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Organic Bombay Chai

What we cover: After I pounced on her at a children’s colouring contest, and convinced her to be a guest on Tea with a Titan, three-time Olympic snowboarder Mercedes Nicoll and I talk topics like the difference between a dream and a goal. The true definition of what it means to get up after a fall, Mercedes discusses what she’s learned since a terrible snowboarding accident she suffered at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi — a fall that left her suffering the debilitating effects of a concussion for nearly two years after. With 8 World Cup podium finishes, 5 National Championships, and 3 Olympic Games (Turin, Vancouver, and Sochi) under her belt, ironically in many ways this go-getter is actually just getting started. In a word, this woman is unstoppable.

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