Tea with a Titan, Episode 9: Nikola Girke, Four-time Olympian

Tea with a Titan, episode 9, Nikola Girke, Four-time Olympian

Guest Titan: Nikola Girke, Four-time Olympian.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos

What we cover: There aren’t too many moments in our planet’s history that inspire or connote the meaning of greatness more so than the Olympic Games. With Rio 2016 — the 31st Olympiad — just days away, I sit down for tea with this super star, Nikola Girke. The Rio games will be her fourth — not a typo — Olympic Games. While this year, she and her sailing partner, Luke Ramsay, will be representing Canada on the Nacra 17, a wee but powerful catamaran, in Olympics past she has represented Canada in both sailing and windsurfing disciplines. This makes her not only an over-achiever, but an over-achiever-cubed. When she is not being a talented and disciplined and dedicated non-TV-watching Olympian, she is a huge supporter of causes including Fast and Female, the 60 Minutes Kids Club, and KidsSport, to name a few. We talk Netflix (and her limited knowledge thereof), her special friend Felix, and her life motto: Dare to dream. Dare to achieve. Dare to succeed.

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What book do we recommend you download for free? Right here, right now? Anything pertaining to the Olympics, windsurfing, or sailing, obviously.

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