Tea with a Titan, Episode 16: Sister Madonna Buder, The 86-year-old Iron Nun

Tea with a Titan, episode 016 Sister Madonna Buder, The 86-year-old Iron Nun

Guest Titan: Sister Madonna Buder, The 86-year-old Iron Nun.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Earl Grey

What we cover: When you’re set to have tea with an 86-year-old nun, it’s a good idea to have things like cream, sugar, and perhaps crustless cucumber sandwiches on-hand. But of course, I did not. (#EpicFail) However, Sister Madonna Buder is not your typical 86-year-old nun. Dubbed the Iron Nun – as depicted in the recent Nike commercial that debuted during the 2016 Olympic Games – this force of nature has completed over 45 Ironman events, countless marathons, and more than 400 triathlons. As active and as energetic as any athlete a quarter her age, Sister Madonna chats with me about defying age, trying new things, and recalls with tremendous emotion the special relationship she shared with her grandparents as a young girl, and how she risked it all with her decision to join the convent. All told, this is a conversation that reveals the woman behind the legend; she’s likeable, endearing, engaging, and without a doubt, inspiring. #UnlimitedYouth

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