Tea with a Titan, Episode 15: Tanner Gers, USA Paralympian, speaker, author, podcaster

Tea with a Titan, episode 015 Tanner Gers, USA Paralympian/Speaker/Author/Entrepreneur

Guest Titan: Tanner Gers, USA Paralympian/Speaker/Author/Entrepreneur.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Organic Gun Powder

What we cover: Every once in a while, you chat with someone who is truly unstoppable. And Tanner Gers is one such person. After a March 2004 car crash left him entirely blind, rather than resort to his former lifestyle, he completely reinvented himself. He weeded the Friendship Garden, he redefined and re-evaluated his priorities, and he carved out a life that included being a world class athlete. In fact, he would go on to represent the USA in the London 2012 Paralympic Games in long jump. Today, he’s the host of the uber-popular podcast, The Creative Success Show, a much sought after speaker, an author, and founder of The Athlete Summit, a membership-based online resource that lassos dozens of this planet’s foremost coaches who share insights with athletes. A fan of the late Jim Rohn, Tanner reminds us that we are the sum total of the habits of the 5 people we spend the most time with, and if that isn’t an important Titan-specific message, I don’t know what is. And remember: No matter how bad things get, they could always be worse. Thanks, Tanner.

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