Tea with a Titan, Episode 22: Morgan Brayton, Actor/Comedian/Writer/Producer/TV Personality/Kitten Rescuer

Tea with a Titan, episode 022 Morgan Brayton, Actor/Comedian/Writer/TV Personality/

Guest Titan: Morgan Brayton, Actor/Comedian/Writer/Producer/TV Personality/Kitten Rescuer.

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Earl Grey Lavender

What we cover: “The people who get on in this world are the ones who get up and look for the circumstances they want. And if they can’t find them, they make them.” —George Bernard Shaw

After 27 years of being subjected to sometimes soul-destroying auditions, the often-ridiculous expectations of wardrobe fittings, and the continual yearning for that role that would be her “ticket”, actor/comedian/writer/producer/TV personality Morgan Brayon took the power back. In her outstanding (read: equal parts hilarious and heart-stirring) one-woman show Give It Up, she pulls back the curtain on the entertainment industry in a beautiful, candid way. She covers the realities of the feelings of rejection — and getting back up. And the frustrations of feeling “Is this it?! Is this all there is?!” — and continuing forward. Her message, one of continuing down your own authentic path, has less to do with making it as an actor and everything to do with moving forward no matter what that path may be.

Her stories are hilarious, the parallels are ever-present — regardless of what field you’re in, or goals you have, or where you are in your life. Somewhere along the line, we are all going to question our choices, we’re all going to ask: “Is there more for me?” And no one has done this — to may way of thinking — in a more memorable, hilarious, touching way than Morgan Brayton.

What she realizes upon reflection is that despite not landing that one role that she can say ultimately was her Big Break, what she has in fact amassed is a richly stitched and colourful quilt. Screen time with Oscar winner Patty Duke, a touching chat on-set with Patrick Swayze, incredible highs when really connecting with an audience who are in the palm of her hand. Morgan asks all the questions that we all ask — no matter the profession, the passion, the pull. We are human, we get lost sometimes, and sometimes we need to reflect in order to see more clearly the way ahead.

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