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All that breaks isn’t necessarily broken | TEDxBrentwood College School

Broken home? Says who?! Raised by a driven and incredibly forward-thinking single mom, Mary-Jo Dionne was led to believe one thing for the entirety of her formative years. Despite their $17,000 home in a low-income neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Mary-Jo’s mom would reinforce in her the daily belief of their tremendous good fortune. It was always… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 23: Peter Arpesella, Actor/Writer

Guest Titan: Peter Arpesella, Actor/Writer. Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos What we cover: Despite being groomed to take over the family business, Italy’s famed Grand Hotel of Rimini, Peter Arpesella knew life had other things in store for him. But what kind of courage does that take? To face not only your… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 20: Ray Zahab, Extreme Adventure Runner

Guest Titan: Ray Zahab, Extreme Adventure Runner. What we cover: Despite being a one-time pack a day smoker, Ray Zahab decided on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 that it was time to be truly happy. And that quest for happiness ultimately led him to the open road. In this case though, the term Open Road is… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 17: Ferg Hawke, Decorated ultra-marathoner

Guest Titan: Ferg Hawke, Decorated ultra-marathoner. Tea of choice: Coffee! What we cover: In 2006, my husband Chad was preparing for his first Ironman event when someone gave him a copy of a documentary called The Distance of Truth. The Distance of Truth fast became Chad’s favourite go-to during long rides on his trainer. The… Read more »