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Tea with a Titan, Episode 14: Lex Gillette, Four-time Paralympian

Guest Titan: Lex Gillette, Four-time Paralympian. What we cover: “No need for sight. When you have a vision,” says Lex Gillette, four-time USA Paralympian and world champion long jumper. (Yes, this is a guy who can jump nearly 7 metres.) (Cross my heart.) But the thing of it all, is that by the age of… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 12: Lynn Kanuka, Two-time Olympic Runner

Guest Titan: Lynn Kanuka, Two-time Olympic Runner. Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Divine Goddess What we cover: In 1984, as a 12-year-old girl, I watched the Los Angeles Olympic Games in Avondale, Newfoundland, with my uncle Heath MacDonald. Sadly, he would die one year later. In 2009, I had the extreme good fortune of being… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 11: Silken Laumann, Four-time Olympic rower

Guest Titan: Silken Laumann, Four-time Olympic rower. What we cover: If there’s something on this planet that’s more inspiring than the concept of those who rise again after they fall, well, I’m afraid I just don’t know what it is. And perhaps no other Canadian athlete most exemplifies the notion of “the comeback” quite like… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 9: Nikola Girke, Four-time Olympian

Guest Titan: Nikola Girke, Four-time Olympian. Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos What we cover: There aren’t too many moments in our planet’s history that inspire or connote the meaning of greatness more so than the Olympic Games. With Rio 2016 — the 31st Olympiad — just days away, I sit down for… Read more »

Tea with a Titan, Episode 8: Anthony Lemke, Actor, humanitarian

Guest Titan: Anthony Lemke, Actor, humanitarian. Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Amaretto Allure What we cover: As a sucker for the concept of re-invention, I’m more than a little bit ga-ga over all that Anothony Lemke represents. Today part of the dynamic ensemble cast of SyFy Channel’s hit series Dark Matter, Anthony left the promise… Read more »