Writer, speaker, performer, Mary-Jo was the recipient of the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in Arts, Culture, and Design. podcaster, and social entrepreneur. READ MORE A much sought-after event emcee, Mary-Jo has engaged audiences ranging in size from 25 to 1,500 attendees. keynote speaker, and panel moderator. READ MORE Sure, she's poly-hyphenated. So of course she wrote about her week at
Sir Richard Branson's home on Necker Island.
But, she is always a writer first. READ MORE
The proud daughter of a Mary-Jo’s TEDx Talk aims to debunk the Broken Home mythology. forward-thinking single mom. WATCH NOW Glowing: A Reproduction Production Hailed "a real crowd pleaser" by the CBC, watch for 2019 dates on both Canadian coasts. the one-woman show. BUY TICKETS Photo Credit: Jozi Grant The MJDP Fund assists children living Mary-Jo’s swim from Alcatraz raised funds specifically for melanoma research. in poverty or fighting critical illness. READ MORE

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Called “a real crowd pleaser” by the CBC, Glowing: A Reproduction Production chronicles Mary-Jo’s rocky road to motherhood. Buy tickets now for shows on both Canadian coasts.


Mary-Jo is an award-winning ad copywriter who has worked on some of North America’s biggest brands. As a mag contributor, her print pieces have appeared locally and globally.


Mary-Jo is a much sought-after event emcee, keynote speaker, and panel moderator, having engaged audiences ranging in size from 25 to 1,500 people.

What the heck do we mean by “poly-hyphenated”, anyway?

For years, Mary-Jo would beat herself up (figuratively only -- she never once resorted to violence) for being what she construed as “fragmented”. She did a little of this, a little of that, a lot of this, and a lot of that. But never one thing and one thing only. Then, a friend showed her a Fast Company article about actor-director-musician-entrepreneur Jared Leto in which he refers to himself as a “poly-hyphenated whatever” who enjoys “the stimulation of learning.”

In that moment, she heard the angels sing, and -- just like that -- she felt fragmented no more.

The Podcast -- Tea with a Titan: Conversations Steeped in Greatness

Downloaded in approximately 80 countries since its 2016 launch, Tea with a Titan is a series during which Mary-Jo speaks with those people who have one thing in common: The ability to provide a perspective shift, despite the obstacles. Be it entrepreneur, athlete, artist, entertainer, thought-leader, or difference-maker, if the target is one where mastery meets authenticity — even in the face of hurdles and hiccups — Mary-Jo wants to (and frequently does) have tea with them. SEE ALL EPISODES


Episode 071: Dr. Russ Kennedy — The Anxiety MD

What we cover: “In this moment, we are safe.” —Dr. Russ Kennedy Today’s guest is Dr Russ Kennedy – someone I have known since 2004, when I launched my brief stint into the stand up comedy world. Russ was a fellow comic, and I got to know him then, and I always really liked him. […]


Episode 069: Kevin Reynolds — Olympic Figure Skater

What we cover: “Take the past for what it is. And then, focus on moving forward.” —Kevin Reynolds Today’s guest is Kevin Reynolds. He is, of course, the Canadian figure skating super star who won silver at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, as part of the mixed team event. According to the official […]

Thank you so much for writing such a smart, funny, complimentary article.

Ellen DeGeneres

As the moderator of a business panel in Sir Richard Branson’s living room on Necker Island, Mary-Jo charmed the audience with her wit and wisdom. Being one of the panelists, I found her candour and confidence reassuring as she engaged with us, keeping the conversation flowing and lively. In addition to her natural comedic skills, I found Mary-Jo to be the utmost professional in her preparation and delivery of content.

Carrie Birkhofer, President and CEO, Bay Federal Credit Union, San Francisco

Mary-Jo’s knowledge, empathy, and passion made her a vibrant addition to our TEDx event. Undoubtedly, she was an audience favourite, connecting with them on multiple levels and delivering a strong message of hope and positivity. Her use of humour and emotion to reinforce underlying themes created easily identifiable connections and clear takeaways. She gets it… full stop. 

Ian McPherson – Director of Marketing and Communications, Student Advisor (1)
Ian McPherson, TEDx organizer and Director of Communications, Brentwood College School, on Mary-Jo’s TEDx talk